HealthTech Meetup 2.0 - AI & Health Care

The French Tech London’s HealthTech group has the pleasure to invite you to its second meetup!

This time we will talk about " How can AI help clinicians?" with Elina Naydenova, Founder of Freebis, an AI-powered mobile health platform for diagnosis and monitoring of child and elderly health in the community.

Elina Naydenova is a biomedical engineer and data scientist working on global health challenges. After 5 years of academic research at the Oxford University and development of intelligent algorithms for diagnosis of respiratory conditions, Elina founded Feebris to deliver community-based diagnostics and monitoring for children and the elderly. Feebris is building an AI-driven mobile platform for early detection and monitoring away from the hospital. Feebris develops advanced machine learning algorithms, applied to off-the-shelf sensors (e.g. digital stethoscopes & wearables), to enable minimally trained users to identify health problems in the community.

Elina has previously worked on global health innovation projects, such as WHO’s Social Innovation in Health Initiative. She is a Fellow to the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative, recipient of the 2017 Children’s Prize, and holds degrees from Oxford University (PhD in Health Innovation, MSc Biomedical Engineering) and Warwick University (BSc Mathematics & Physics).

The event will be held at Business France, Haymarket 28-29 SW1Y 4SP from 6 pm until 9 pm.

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