French/English as a 2nd language tutor/homework help

Hey there,

My name is Calicia, I am French and 23 years old. I am living and working as an au pair in Wandsworth Common. I offer one to one lessons. I’ve been an au pair in the UK three years ago, I gave some French lessons to children during my free times but I also did some CNED French homework, with the kids that I was taking care of.

I can provide my curriculum vitae if needed.

I really enjoy Languages, words and translation.
I studied translation at uni in Reims, France and at the University of Westminster in London.
I’ve always been attracted to teaching. I would love to be a French tutor or English as a second language tutor.

I’ve got a CAE diploma
Baccalaureate Literature
GCSE and Croatian Language diploma, I got it last month, after spending a semester in Zagreb, Croatia.

Languages Spoken: Croatian (non-native (beginner)), English (non-native (advanced)), French (native), Italian (non-native (beginner)), Spanish (non-native (beginner))

Let me know if you’re interested!


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Bonjour Calicia,

Quelles sont le créneau horaire que vous ou vous pouvez donner des cours?


Bonsoir @Kacey

Je suis disponible du Lundi au Mercredi, entre 10h et 14h.
Le Jeudi entre 10h et 15h30 et le Vendredi de 10h à 13h
Je suis aussi disponible le weekend, si vous êtes intéressée.

Bien à vous,


Merci @Calicia_Etenor de votre réponse. Malheureusement cela ne fonctionnera pas pour nous.

Bien Cordialement,