Bilingual Content Editor at betPawa

Hi. I just wanted to share this job opportunity for French speakers in London. If you’re interested, please contact by direct message with a quick introduction, your CV and some examples of your work. Merci beaucoup.

Job Description

betPawa, a customer-obsessed iGaming company, is looking for a Bilingual Content Editor able to write compellingly in French and English to join our experience team in London. This person will improve how we communicate with customers in English and set the tone for how we speak to them in French.

Your first 90 days:
-> You’ll familiarise yourself with our existing content output
-> You’ll be shown the process for receiving content requests and executing them
-> You’ll build relationships with marketing, including coordinators in French-speaking countries
-> You’ll start creating English language content, including articles, social posts and on-site copy
-> You’ll be key to implementing and fine-tuning our new tone of voice
-> You’ll research countries we’re launching in extensively, exploring how their use of language varies and how existing brands (including competitors) communicate with customers there
-> Using this research, you’ll identify the ways that we should localise our content for each market and advise on the language to use on each site from launch

What you’ll do afterwards:
-> You’ll produce the majority of our content in both French and English-speaking countries
-> You’ll drive how we communicate with French-speaking customers
-> You’ll help refine our tone of voice for French-speaking countries
-> You’ll work with Customer Support to ensure consistency in how we’re speaking to customers in French
-> You’ll continue tracking what competitors are doing in countries we operate in and recommend ways we can stand out from the crowd
-> You’ll keep track of the latest media trends and propose ways that we can capitalise on them
-> You’ll oversee content from launch as we potentially expand into further countries

Who we are looking for:
-> You can communicate at close to mother tongue standard in both French and English
-> You can write accurately and engagingly in both languages
-> You can provide examples of content you’ve had published in both French and English
-> You’ve got a proven ability to create content that stands out from the crowd
-> You’re able to adjust your writing based on the audience being targeted and the platform used
-> You’re a quick learner who can deliver quality work at a reasonable speed
-> You’re interested in language, and its ability to be interpreted differently from region to region
-> You’re eager to collaborate with designers, researchers and UXers in a multi-talented team

It would be amazing if:
-> You’ve previously created content for the African Market
-> You’re passionate about sport
-> You have online betting experience (either through work or leisure)

Compensation: £25k – £35k (no equity)

Visa Sponsorship: Not available