Babysitter for Camden family (2 children)

Hello, we are looking for a French babysitter for our children - 6 and 8 years old. We are looking for someone for 15 hours per week for activities like taking the children to the park, playing games, craft and reading. We pay £12.50 per hour plus any travel costs.
Please contact me if you are interested .
(We have 2 dogs - they are very nice and friendly but it is not suitable for anyone with a fear of dogs.)

Hi Jasmine,
My name is Thais, I’m a nanny and I’m available from September onwards.
What times were you thinking of ? I’m available every day from early morning until 2PM.
Let me know if you’re interested,
Thais Ondet

Hello, are you available any time during July and August? Thanks, Jas

Sorry, I’m only available from September onwards.


I am a French PPE student starting my 3rd year in September at UCL. I am bilingual and I have 7 years of experience in babysittings. As a hobby, I have been a sailing teacher every summer for the past 3 years which made me a very responsible person alongside being easily accessible to children. I am used to entertaining children and never lack of new ideas to play with them. I also love the company of animals, especially dogs, so taking care of your children for some time during the week would be my pleasure.
I can be free 2 or 3 days during the week from the afternoon.
If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me

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Bonjour @theodora_cmb

Nous sommes une agence spécialisée dans le placement de Nanny Francophone.
Pouvez vous nous envoyer votre cv via message privé ou par e-mail

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Hi @theodora_cmb

Are you still available for baby-sitter? We are a French family with a 13month old boy. We’re looking for someone reliable who would be able to pick up our son from nursery a few times a week (3 or 4) around 5pm and then go home, stay with him until 6/6.15pm. We live in Queen’s Park (W9). Is it something you’d be interested in?

Thanks and have a great WE,