STILL AVAILABLE 6th Jun: London to Paris / 9th Jun: Paris to London Eurostar

London -> Paris: Thursday 6 June
departs 16:31, arrives 19:47

Paris -> London Sunday 9 June
departs 19:13, arrives 20:39

£135 for return ticket or £67.50 for each leg

DM for info. Can meet in person in East London if you need.

Hellooo @tdk1981 I’m interested by your ticket return the 9 June paris to London , how much please ?

Hi Sophia - For one ticket it would be face value which I paid when buying, which is £67.50. Let me know if you want it. Thanks.


Thank you for you reply.

yes, I would like it, how is the exchange going?



You can send me the money via Paypal to the below address:

Let me know your email address and I will send you the ticket in PDF form.

Alternatively we could meet to exchange cash & ticket in East London - I am unsure whether you are based in London or Paris to do this though of course!


And to confirm - you want this?

1x one way ticket:
Paris -> London Sunday 9 June / departures 19:13, arrives 20:39

Yes it’s write. Paris garde du nord to London st pancras Sunday 9 June 7:13 pm

I live in London, but I will take my flight tomorow so I can’t just tomorow morning for exchange so I think it’s more easy by mail. The name it’s not a problem on the tickets ?

Thanks. Let me know your email address and I will email the ticket to you I receive the payment on Paypal.
Yes, the name on the ticket is fine. Do a quick Google if you like and you will see that the name on the tickets isn’t checked ever.

For some reason my last message sent incorrectly! I meant to say just look on Google and you will see that Eurostar do not check the names. You just need a ticket to travel with.

Ok thanks my PayPal is :

I will send you money now and you send me the ticket directly after ?

How much? £ 67 ?

Yes - I will email you the ticket when I have the Paypal payment recieved

Please send the Paypal payment to

The total to send me is £67.50.

Should I send the ticket to this email address?


Yess I s’en you the money. Did you receive ?

Thanks you.

Sûre, you can send me the ticket by direct message

Tell me when you send me the ticket please. Thank you