SPEED MEETING in French and English


Wanna boost your French or English? Join us during a friendly Speed Meeting on Wednesday, July 10th! Not only will you meet some cool folks, but you’ll also have a chance to actually practice a second language!

You wonder how it works?
:small_orange_diamond: You pick the language you want to practice: English, French or both and change seats every 10 minutes !
:small_blue_diamond: Beginner, intermediate or advance level, don’t worry, teachers and cheat sheets will be there to help if you need.
:small_orange_diamond: It’s a speed meeting, not a speed dating. We chat, have fun and make friends!

:tada: HAPPY HOUR 2•4•1 from 6pm to 8pm at Lucky Voice :tada:

Regular ticket > £10
If you don’t purchase your ticket in advance then you can pay £15 cash to Sarah or Cynthia.
:calling: http://belingus.co.uk/events/speed-meeting-1007/

See you soon!