Recherche de commis chef (pas d'expérience requise)

Super Job Opportunity

You love Food and Gastronomy?!? You would like to become a Commis Chef

Then we can offer you an attractive position in our Luxury Restaurant situated in the Center of London.

-No experience needed
-Attractive wage
-Fixed Hours
-Development opportunities
-Friendly environment

Feel free to contact us if you are interested and become member of our team.
by direct message

Hello, @Vanilia_Defever,
I am very interested in your position it turns out that I want to work in catering, I have a correct level of English that I want to improve I am learning fast, I am dynamic and reliable thanks in advance for your answer.

hello @Vanilia_Defever ,
i am a french student in first year of modern letters and look for for a job or an intership from 01/08/2020 to 07/08/2020.
Millicinthe Martial
Born 02/15/2000

Research professional experiencies abroad for short time

Schools (France)
- High school Alembert, bachelor of fashion and clothing, with honors,
- University of Sorbonne, license in modern letters,

Fourth intership : Employee Mcdonald’s, September 2018- August 2018
-Responsible of kitchen, food product, hygien and control of security-responsible food stock-cooking preparation,

Second/ Third interships : Seamstress, (folie’s production/)2017/2018
- Assemblies of pieces-computer patronage-quilting of patterns-made to measure-
responsible for quality control-creation of outfits- retouching on the hands

First intership : Saleswoman in institute of beauty, (Mandaleva) 2015
- Customer welcome-Cashing and customer loyalty-Loaded with showcase

 Objectif of studies :

English level B1, Portuguese level B1
World, Microsoft, Power point, Excel, C.A.O
First aid certificate
Visited countries : England, Italy, Spain 
Qualities : creative, autonomous, athletic
Defaults : too ambitious, stubborn