One To Wine Delivery - CLEARANCE SALE

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we do try to innovate everyday to cope with the drop of orders and the restaurants being closed.
We will continue to fight and do our very best to keep bringing you clean wines, directly from the winemakers!

And this is our very best: we have decided a unique clearance sale on two of our wines to help us put online our new eshop.

  • Domaine La Grange Barbastre 2014: Pinot Gris/Sauvignon Loire Généreux White
  • Domaine La Grange Barbastre 2015: Gamay/Merlot Loire Généreux Red

We droped down the price of the case of 6 bottles from £90 to £49, £8.00 each!

Don’t miss this exceptionnal offer!

Shop them here:

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