Cours de guitare - TOUS NIVEAUX

Dear Frenchies,

I’ve been playing guitar for 17 years and I’m happy to take your playing to the next level. You can watch some videos of me playing on Instagram and Facebook @iamprinzleo

About the lessons:
I think learning has to be fun - that’s why we’re going to work on songs that you would like to learn. We will make a list of your goals and break them down. I think every person needs different input (some want to learn a lot about theory and some just want to get started as quick as possible) - I’ll make sure to provide a tailor-made solution for you!

About me:
I’m from The Sound Of Music’s origin: Salzburg, Austria.
My passion for music started when I was 7 as I learned to play the classic guitar at a private teacher. After being influenced by my older siblings who listened to rock music and all played instruments themselves, I soon switched to the electric guitar by the age of 10. Driven by the thirst for expression through music I always was looking for people to play with. Since then, I formed my own rock bands and played with Big Bands to study jazz. I finished music school in Salzburg and studied music at LCCM London.
I was fortunate enough to have lessons with David Hauser for six years and also took lessons from Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy), Harri Stojka, Ulrich Ellison, David Binderberger, Conrad Schrenk, Roddy Matthews, Camelle Hinds, Dave Lewis, Richard Brooks.

What I charge:
£250 for 10 lessons (60min each)
£30 for a 60min lesson


Get in contact via message - I’m looking forward to grooving with you