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Exotique is pleased to announce the birth of LOOF brown tabby rosette pattern kittens (very rare sparble type, prestigious origins. Listed in LOOF, the kittens will be identified by microchip - vaccinated - dewormed with certificate of good health and LOOF pedigree, unsterilized therefore for reproduction or company. (reserved tab then scope of delivery possible price according to the region.

Breeding declared in a chamber of agriculture - experience and high selection
specialized in high-end purebred cats. Breeding recognized internationally.

So we sell our kittens to breeders or individuals who want quality in different criteria (health, aesthetics, character etc.)

Papa Mi choco, registered with LOOF, from the Califasia estate is brown tabby with a spooted / rosette pattern, pedigree on request. Mi Choco comes from a prestigious line and wears it on this contrasting dress, the beautiful rosettes of these ancestors, these parents come from the greatest Canadian and American lines of the moment. Very good quality of crimped rosettes (rosettes It has a superb contrast which accentuates the setting of its very large closed rosettes on a shiny yellow background. Mi Choco is a placid male but also is very talkative, playful, curious, cuddly and very close to me,
The Hazelnut mother, registered with LOOF, is brown tabby with a rosette pattern, Very nice marking (designs and excellent contrast), Pedigree on request, from the Blue Monoï estate, she comes from parents of prestigious lineage. Noisette is an intelligent female, very curious and confident, she mixes strength, grace and kindness. Her wild look associated with a character that is only sweetness and purrs she is very close to me. From sublime lines selected for several generations for their great beauty.

They are both FIV / FELV tested and we never put the paws outside and above all they are fully controlled for all diseases: HCM, PKD, PK-Def …

Our kittens are raised in families (neither cage nor box) and will be socialized which will make them very balanced kittens. outdoor family breeding of exotic cats and dogs
A 20% deposit will be required for all reservations and we offer you the possibility of paying in several installments so we are professional breeders of exotic animals.
Like, savannah f1, f2,f3, f4.

  • Pure caracal
  • Pure serval
    And many other exotic animals for you to order by me or in our website