Boost your Language Skills during a SPEED MEETING

The best way to pick up a language naturally

BELINGUS is hosting a Speed Meeting to help people to practise a second language. It’s a very casual and social activity during which the attendees speak to someone new every 10 minutes. (Note: it’s not a speed dating.)

Our mission is to facilitate the learning process and to make it more efficient. Join us on the 8th of October 2019 to immerse yourself in the language for 2 hours, chat with cool folks about interesting topics and have fun! The best way to pick up the language naturally.

It’s open to all levels, and it’s a great value for the beginners who want to practise how to introduce themselves and for intermediate and advance levels who want to improve their small talk skills.

You can choose between French, English or Spanish.

We encourage native speakers who want to meet new people in their mother tongue and make friends to join us as well! It reinforces a positive integration settling into a new country.

HAPPY HOUR > 2 for 1
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See you soon!